Rory Ellinger with former governor Bob Holden

The Issues

Expand Affordable Healthcare

  • Build on the momentum of national health care reform to benefit our citizens. Missouri ranks 38th in the nation in the overall health of our citizens.
  • Provide health insurance for all Missourians, and immediately enroll all of our needy children in S-CHIP, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.
  • Expand our use of court-supervised drug and mental health programs as a cost-effective solution to help troubled people and reduce the costs of incarceration.
  • Provide more Federally Qualified Medical Centers so that fewer families are forced to rely on costly hospital emergency rooms for non-emergency medical care.
  • Reduce teen smoking, and its inevitable costs to society, through an increase in the cigarette tax, which could generate $100 million annually.
  • Expand medical payments for juvenile dental care, which is currently denied to about 20 percent of Missouri’s children.
  • Mandate insurance coverage for “morning after” emergency contraception for all rape victims who want it.

I believe one of our state's primary responsibilities is to make sure that there is health care for every citizen. My interview is at this link. My reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act on Fox2 News.

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